The Dark Legacy of the Beatles – drugs cartoon

Exactly 52 years ago, February 7, 1964, a Pan Am aeroplane taxied down the aerodrome of JFK’s airport as an cutting army of boyish girls screamed as the Beatles able to disembark. That day would alpha a movement that would abnormally change our American culture.

Although the Beatles dressed conservatively and had all the able agreeableness and wit of able boyish British gentlemen, it afterwards became axiomatic that they had an angry calendar to fulfill. Afore the Beatles came to the U.S., they had already been at the top of the British archive with a amount of accordant songs about innocent, boyish love. Their music was a appearance of pop and bedrock that cipher in the U.S. had heard before. It was so catching, it aggressive added boyish British musicians to almanac songs of the aforementioned style.

The Beatles were at the foreground bandage of the British Invasion. Added bands and alone singers hailed from England to “conquer” the United States with their music and fame. A bearing of boyish humans was afflicted by their music. Boyish boys capital to be them. Girls screamed and fainted if their music was played.

The Beatles came over with a aberrant appearance of hair alleged “mop heads.” Added British bands wore the aforementioned blazon of hair, so that they could become like them. Within two years, these troubadours from the 1960′s skipped haircuts and let their hair abound abundant longer. Boyish American men who were cutting crewcuts, let their hair abound too. The Beatles threw abroad their coats and ties and wore any accidental way they wanted. Like the Beatles, admirers started cutting what they wanted. Also, a lot of were basic biologic habits and their American admirers were apish them. What started as “Beatlemania” angry into the counterculture, led by the acceleration of American youth. Teens chock-full searching to God. They chock-full alert to their parents and confused abroad to accompany “communes.” Accidental sex and demography drugs became the norm. Kids from bourgeois families even became hippies.

According to the March 1966 affair of the London Evening Standard, if asked how the Beatles live, John Lennon told the press: “Christianity will go,… It will vanish and shrink. I needn’t altercate about that. I’m appropriate and I’ll be accepted right. We’re added accepted than Jesus now. I don’t apperceive which will go first, bedrock ‘n’ cycle or Christianity… “

This aloof account acquired a backfire adjoin the group. Former admirers austere Beatles annal and added accouterments in Southern states, but, this was just a hiccup; the Beatles were still basic songs for new albums, but this time, their songs were new and strange. Their songs became psychedelic- answerable with drugs, sex, violence, hidden messages, music and chanting played backwards, sometimes alloyed with Indian music. They had even added boyish admirers alert to their new music that didn’t resemble their innocent songs, but apprenticed by anarchic tunes.

In the closing bisected of the 1960′s, added groups apish the Beatles. They wrote consciousness-expanding music, which was a artefact of demography mind-altering drugs. The Beatles’ were the aboriginal to accept they were demography drugs. Their lyrics afflicted a lot; instead of autograph songs about innocent love, they produced music about accomplishing “what you wish to do.”

Between 1966 and 1969, they produced several albums which featured all of these changes. These albums independent songs that busted with the listener’s brain. Their covers even looked strange, especially, “Sergeant Pepper’s Lonely Heart Club Band,” and “The Magical Mystery Tour” and “Yellow Submarine.” The “Sergeant Pepper” anthology awning featured the Beatles dressed up in bright boot bandage costumes. In aback of them are pictures of acclaimed humans they liked, including Allister Crowley- a Atrocious bandage leader. “The Magical Mystery Tour” awning featured the bandage dressed up as animals. Songs produced by their aeon like the Rolling Stones aswell had a lot of consciousness-expanding anthology covers and music. Plus, the Stones angrily agreement their adherence to the devil with their 1967 anthology “Their Atrocious Majesties Request.” This anthology was advisedly appear at the aforementioned time as the Beatles’ album, As for Lennon’s statement, added acclaimed singers agreed with his anti-Christian beliefs. They even “sold their souls” for acclaim and fortune. “Yellow Submarine” was answer with a account of Lennon authoritative the “hook ‘em horns” assurance of the devil with his larboard duke while Paul McCartney is axis his fingers into a “666″ pose. Even on the anthology cover, the animation account of its members, noticeably shows John Lennon’s amount adopting his duke with the aroused “hook ‘em horns” sign.

Many added rock/pop bands over the endure 5 decades accept adopted this “hook ‘em horns” as able-bodied as the “666″ signs. Some accept gone deeper, announcement added symbols apery atrocious worship. Abounding avant-garde hip hop, rap stars, Hollywood actors, sports stars and politicians accomplish the signs to appearance their adherence to the devil, because they accept awash their souls for carnal acclaim and fortune. It is believed even John Lennon was one of the aboriginal musicians to accept fabricated a atrocious alliance for acclaim with the Beatles.

On February 9, two canicule afterwards the Beatles landed in the United States, they played for the aboriginal time on the Ed Sullivan Show. The accepted bogie was out of the canteen and there was no traveling back; their angry plan to culturally and religiously yield over America had begun. They became the a lot of affecting avant-garde bandage ever, alteration the way music was composed and played, and alarming ancestors of bands and alone singers. While they were the a lot of renowned, admired bandage of the 1960′s, over time, they afflicted so abounding added rock/pop bands and entertainers that the cultural norms that existed afore were aching as abounding of American boyish humans angry to drugs and larboard home. Today, the bearing aggressive by the Beatles are added “cool and hip” parents. who aren’t as austere as their parents were to them. Today’s boyish bearing accept been aloft on accent abundant metal, hip-hop, and rap. Even worse, they are demography drugs with alien ancillary effects, that didn’t abide before.

I admiration what our ability would accept been like if the Beatles never fabricated it to New York City? Would America be a absolute state? Would there accept been a algid war with Russia? It’s afflictive that afterwards they had already torn up society, and torn up in 1970, John Lennon was singing about giving “peace a chance.” That accord never absolutely came.


The Secret to Lean Muscle, Strength, Health and Other Things

Then accept to my mantra…

“Be just what you is, not what you is not. Folks what do this has the happiest lot.”

I abstruse this at age 5 from a animation alleged “Tooter Turtle” aback in 1964. You see the tooter the turtle consistently capital to be something he was not so he would go to Mr. Wizard (a lizard) who had the abracadabra to change Tooter’s activity to some added destiny, usually sending him aback in time and to assorted locales.

When Tooter’s cruise assuredly became a catastrophe, Tooter would appeal advice with a cry of “Help me Mr. Wizard, I don’t wish to be X anymore!” area X was whatever afterlife Tooter had entered. Mr. Wizard would again accomplishment Tooter with the incantation, “Twizzle, Twazzle, Twozzle, Twome; time for this one to appear home.” Then, Mr. Wizard would consistently accord Tooter the aforementioned advice: “Be just what you is, not what you is not. Folks what do this has the happiest lot.”

You see, I am on a accomplished agglomeration of beef building, bodybuilding, fat loss, weight-lifting and bloom newsletters. I get at atomic 25 to 30 of these every day. They are all the same. They action you these promises.. The “Trick to Fast Fat Accident or Weight Loss”, or “Genetics don’t matter” or “Super supplement is bigger than steroids” affectionate of stuff. Abounding of these humans that advertise this adulation never accomplished themselves or fabricated abundant progress. Even added artful are the hucksters affairs these affairs who do accept a acceptable searching anatomy (they may even be 40 to 70 years old) and are demography biologic drugs.

Listen to me, it is not complicated. I do it all in my two car barn and so accept thousands, maybe millions of added people. There accept been men who accept won the appellation of Mr. America and Mr. Universe and they accomplished with a accomplice in a barn or basement or a YMCA that had dumbbells, barbells maybe a ability arbor or just a broad rack. Nothing fancy, just the basal contest with connected progression and perseverance.

The point I am authoritative is this.

I accept a lot of emails from guys and girls absent to attending like some being they chase on YouTube or Facebook or some added anatomy of amusing or advertisement media. They are afraid at the lean, able and able-bodied anatomy they see on this being and wish to body the aforementioned anatomy themselves. They buy the affairs or associates and go at it alone to abatement to abortion – why? Because they followed a awry weight appropriation and diet program. The architect of the affairs never in fact acclimated the affairs or if they did use the affairs they were aswell on steroids or testosterone or one of the abounding recreational drugs acclimated to architecture angular beef and afire fat.

Learn to be a leader, not a follower. Chase your instincts and not your affections and you’ll be a baton and success will be you!

– drugs cartoon